North America, Puerto Rico, United States

A Walk on the Wild Side of El Yunque Rainforest

Of all the activities planned for our visit to Puerto Rico, this was […]

North America, United States, Wisconsin

Close Encounters of the Avian Kind

“Honk-honk-HONK!”  “AAAAAH!!!” No, this is not an automobile accident waiting to happen. Rather, […]

Illinois, North America

Monday Morning Montage: 1000 Places to See Before You Die – Superdawg

  Pizza. Italian Beef. Hot dogs. When I think of Chicago and what […]

North America, United States, Wisconsin

Where Sand Dunes are Green

Lake Michigan’s evening breeze blows across our faces as we take a leisurely […]

North America, United States, Wisconsin

Devil’s Lake State Park

In contrast to this year’s relatively cool summer, the day of our most […]

California, Canada, Dominican Republic, Florida, Hawaii, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Massachusetts, Mexico, Missouri, Puerto Rico, Washington D.C.

Monday Morning Montage: Fridge Magnets

  Every traveler has their “thing”.  For us one of those “things” is […]

North America, United States, Wisconsin

Our Mission to Condition

With a trip to Peru on the horizon, and that trip including a […]

North America, Puerto Rico

A Lesson Learned in Guanica Dry Forest

Buzzards circle high above our heads in the bright blue sky, as we […]