Who We Are

Hello and welcome to Somewhere Far Afield!  Thanks for visiting us!

We are a family of four who lives in the beautiful state of Wisconsin.


Tara (T.):
A born and raised Yooper, I grew up enjoying all the natural splendors of the gorgeous Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  We played in the creek behind our house, rode our bikes through woodland trails, whiled away summer afternoons at the beach playing volleyball, hiked nearby mountains (some may say “hills” – it’s all relative!), explored hidden waterfalls, built bonfires along Lake Superior, cooled down in its cold refreshing waters, snow-shoed and cross-country skied through snowy forests.

Every year, there was a week or two when I wasn’t around to explore my home turf.  My parents love to travel, and they made it a point to take a family vacation every year.  Several memorable trips Searching for Sea Shells on Sanibel Island, Floridawere spent on the timeless beaches of Sanibel Island, Florida, where we’d search for shells (this is the Seashell Capital of the World, you know!) and bird watch at the Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge.  Other years we headed to places like Washington DC, North Carolina, Arizona, New Mexico, Kentucky, and other spots across the continental U.S.  Sometimes we’d fly, sometimes we’d pack up the car and drive.  Our travels were always a highlight of the year for me!

When I met my husband J., one of our shared interests was clearly travel, and over the years we’ve explored the world together.  We were married in a 15th-century castle overlooking a colorful seaside village along the Italian Riviera, and have committed to renewing our vows every five years on a different continent.  Up next?  South America, specifically Peru!


Our children share our passion for travel.  It’s no wonder that today our family is always in search of beautiful new places to explore. Whether it’s city or country, beach or mountains, rainforest or redwoods, historic fortresses or modern museums, around the world or in our own backyard, we cannot get enough of all this world has to offer and are excited to share our favorite experiences with you here on Somewhere Far Afield!

Perhaps they will serve as inspiration for where you may like to travel some day.  Or, maybe you’ve visited some of these spots as well.  Either way, please share your thoughts, experiences, questions, and more – we look forward to talking with you!

Jason (J.):
I fancy myself the 70s child of two hippie parents with a hint of Hungarian “gypsy” blood in my veins. Yet, I am a husband, father of two awesome kids, and a forty hour a week, clock punchJ at Dunesing member of regular society.

J in VanWho I really am probably lies somewhere in the middle of those two extremes. Did my parents sell the family homestead and literally pack all of our belongings into a Chevy van for a nine-month journey of discovery around the eastern half of our beautiful country when I was seven years old? Sure; whose parents didn’t?

Did I give up everything when I was in high school; athletics, honor roll, friends, and family, to live a year abroad in Denmark as a foreign exchange student? Yup; doesn’t everybody?

Did I marry the love of my life on an Italian castle wall overlooking the Ligurian SePorto Venere, Italy, Ligurian Seaa? Of course; wouldn’t you given the chance?

There’s the rub, “chance”. I have long considered myself to be extremely fortunate. Only recently have I come to believe that good fortune, or luck, is merely the circumstance of opportunity meeting preparation. I was a Boy Scout, so being prepared is in my DNA. All I need is an opportunity.

I try to make a habit of putting myself in the right place at the right time. Does it always work out? Of course it doesn’t. But if you want to hit a home run, you’ve got to swing the bat, right?

Somewhere Far Afield, for me, is about those moments in time when we’ve been faced with opportunity, were prepared to meet it head-on, and the ensuing, all-encompassing joy of what happens next. That, is the great unknown. We cannot know what’s next. We can only prepare ourselves for that next opportunity to find out. I hope you are able to take something away from our life experiences to better prepare you for your next chance at opportunity!

What do you think?